all is well on mother earth

all is well on mother earth

Flowers, weeds and vines are beautiful just the same. Embrace all that nature has to offer.

If it was created naturally, how can we judge it? We are all living organisms that were created for a purpose. We all have a purpose.

Just as every aspect of nature should be nurtured and loved with great care, so should we. We are part of nature.

Work to love every aspect of yourself–even your downfalls. There is a reason we have them. Part of living is working on them, working to improve ourselves. If we had no flaws, what would be the fun of life?

It’s okay to recognize that you have parts of yourself that may hinder your development–parts that may hold you back, vices that you keep returning to, old habits you can’t kick. But that’s okay! Because that’s what makes you YOU.

Just as weeds and vines have a place on this earth, so do we.

Love yourself, and every weed and vine that makes you, you.

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