being full & being mindful

being full & being mindful

Practicing mindful eating is one of the healthiest habits to develop when trying to maintain balanced eating. It is the practice of taking the time to notice the sensations that accompany eating food as you chew: the smells, the tastes, the textures. It seems easy enough, but it’s even easier to be distracted by other things, resulting in not being fully engaged in eating.

When we’re busy, the first thing many of us cut back on is the amount of time we spend eating. But planning out time to eat may be one of the best decisions you can make for yourself. Many times we eat emotionally or we eat just to eat, but adopting this practice of mindful eating can truly improve how you feel about food and most importantly, how you feel about yourself. It allows you to take ownership of how you feel so you can control your behaviors around an essential part of your life: eating.

Using a number scale from 1-10 is a great method to judge how full you are. One indicates that you’re extremely hungry. To reverse this sensation, we may overcompensate by over-eating. Once you approach 10, you are becoming uncomfortably full. This feeling is not a pleasant one. Feelings of regret or self-deprecation may arise from this state. Five is the ideal satisfaction level. You are content; you ate just enough to sustain yourself and accumulate the energy your mind and body need. If we focus while we eat on what our internal scale is telling us, we are on the road to a healthier lifestyle.

It takes time. And of course there are times when the situation is not ideal, but do it for yourself.

I bet you will find that this strategy makes you feel centered and empowered. Eating will always be a crucial part of our lives, so why not practice making it enjoyable? Food is our fuel source and a source of joyfulness; it brings us together. Food as an enemy is a tough road to walk on. Food will always be there; we cannot avoid it. We might as well learn to make friends with our habits!

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