finding stillness

finding stillness

What does stillness mean anyway?

To me, stillness means peace. It means a settled mind. It means a calming internal sensation, despite the chaos of the external world.

The water can be still. Rocks are still. Tree trunks stand still. And we, too, can find stillness.

This state emerges from acceptance, which comes in many forms–acceptance for others, for the situation, for yourself. We all face daily challenges that may relate to one of the three of these or any combination of them (plus others). I think it is valuable to identify what aspects we tend to feel control us and work on centering ourselves so that they don’t have this control. We are always working and striving to go to the next step, but think of stillness as the only way you can clear your mind in order to progress.

When we take life as it is, we may not need to feel in control, because the outcome will happen regardless of your feelings. But we also need not resort to feeling out of control, either. We can choose to have a constant battle between being in control and out of control or, we can accept.

Stillness can give us the ability to manage much more than we thought ever possible because a tranquil mind can allow us to navigate through life with less resistance, and thus, more ease. Stillness allows us to gather our thoughts, focus on our breath, and remind ourselves of where we are are at this moment in time.

We live in a world where cars speed by us, ads fly into our vision, and technology transforms rapidly. But we also live in a world where the earth is stable beneath our feet, the sun stays in the sky, and flowers are planted in the ground. Finding stillness is definitely easier said than done, but focus on incorporating a little stillness into your days, whatever this may mean to you, even if its just for a few moments, and see what happens!

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