healthy twists on your old favorites

healthy twists on your old favorites

I think the key to healthy eating is being open and willing to try something new. This morning I woke up and craved blueberry muffins, so I opened some cookbooks and searched around a little bit. After no time at all I found a recipe for gluten-free and vegan blueberry muffins made with almond flour and four other simple ingredients. I quickly gathered all the necessary ingredients and began to pretend to know what I was doing.

I am by no means a baker, but they turned out surprisingly well!

There are so many recipes out there, so if you hunt around a little, you can definitely discover a lighter and more nutritious variation of what you know and love. Chances are you’ll be able to find a recipe that tastes equally as delicious. You may even like the new recipe more, especially when you understand the health benefits of it.

It’s also rewarding when you create something from scratch. I was able to appreciate my breakfast this morning that much more because of the genuine process and authentic ingredients. Sometimes we forget to sit and enjoy the food we are eating, but it’s a good practice to get in the habit of doing. To really value each bite and observe the sensations as you chew your food slowly and thoughtfully is a practice that can help you to be mindful of what you are eating and how much. And when we are eating fresh foods made with natural ingredients, it is that much easier to rehearse this.

Try making a meal from scratch. Try eating foods that fuel not only your body, but also your soul. You may find that it adds a sincerely fulfilling aspect to the art of eating.

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