imperfection, how i love you

imperfection, how i love you
photo by jill banach

photo by jill banach

We recognize flaws. We notice mistakes. We are aware of errors.
But let’s be real, what exactly were we expecting? Do I dare say the word…PERFECTION?

Let’s be real, perfection is unrealistic. And honestly, overrated.

Nature is full of imperfection, yet we still view it as beautiful. Somehow many of us still view our lives and ourselves differently. We are so quick to judge and so willing to be critical of the lives we are living–the lives that are closer to us and more important than any other.

Neither of the butterflies pictured above are symmetrical, but that’s what makes them unique.

Flaws are what give us personality. Often times it’s the quirks about people that draw us to them. It is these subtle nuisances that distinguish one person from everyone else. This is why we have only a selection of people in our lives that are so special to us.

Think about a friend describing a person whom you don’t know. Or the discussion of a loved one who has passed. How are these people described so that people feel like they know them, without ever meeting them? Often times it is through day-to-day quirks that may even have been considered flaws.

When I talk about my Uncle John, I usually introduce him with the story of him driving all the way from Massachusetts back to his home in New Jersey, with my mom’s car keys in his pocket. Or the one of him mistaking the house phone for his cell phone and attempting to carry on a phone conversation on the house phone as he drove miles away. “Uncle John–the one who constantly loses his wallet, car keys, phone, computer, license, passport, and anything else of great significance.” Who would John be without this “shortcoming” (as he may call it)? I for one wouldn’t want him any other way.

We all have them–those blemishes that we try so hard to cover up.

But maybe, just maybe, we should work to accept our weaknesses instead. And realize that they only make us human. We could spend our whole lives erasing our mistakes and dwelling on our downfalls. But once those are cleared away, our mind will only create other “problems” to sort through.

When I look at a butterfly, I see confidence, and comfort in being itself. With this, a butterfly can soar high and far. Be like a butterfly; be asymmetrical.

Embrace those imperfections (if you can even call them that).

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