roots & wings

roots & wings
photo by jill banach

photo by jill banach

My mom always tells us: Don’t forget about your roots, but don’t be afraid to spread your wings. I return to this phrase often. And the older I get, the more truth it holds.

Your roots are your background—your family, your traditions, essentially your foundation. Your roots provide you with the strength required to flap your wings. And your wings are what propel you to explore what the world has to offer to you and what you have to offer to the world.

Last weekend, I completed my first marathon alongside my cousin and brother. Throughout the race I considered my mom’s words:
Roots and wings. Roots and wings.

The race emphasized to me the sincere value of these words. Here I was, tackling a physical feat that was always an aspiration of mine, but also a far-off dream—with two people who have been alongside me every step of life’s journey.

As we rolled through the miles, we were carried by the familiar and loving voices that have always been our biggest supporters, as well as those who we have met along our journeys. Roots and wings. Family and friends.
There was plenty time to reflect throughout those 26.2 miles. I thought about the four months of training and all of the people who played such a significant part in the process. I could not help but be overwhelmed by my feeling of intense gratitude that I was able to use my wings to complete this challenge, all the while being grounded by my roots.

This was my example of Roots and Wings, for I relied on my foundation, and also expanded myself towards personal growth. But you all have your own examples. Every day you utilize your wings, and fall back on your roots. We are all following an individual path and we all deserve to know that our roots will always be there, and our wings are always prepared to fly.
Referring back to your roots may remind you of your values and of all the people and experiences that have helped to lead you to where you are now. May you seek comfort in knowing that you are always attached to your roots, no matter what personal endeavor you are chasing. Through your roots, you know who is there for you in times of need, question, and joy.

Your wings are just as important. I think of wings as what pulls you towards personal growth. Your wings are what will lead you to mistakes—mistakes that are important to make in order to learn. They will also allow you to touch others’ hearts and be influenced by others. They will lead you to discovery of new places, new adventures, and new people.

If you lose sight of your roots, you may be misguided or unsure of yourself. And if you don’t spread your wings, you’ll never know what is out there for you.

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