staying neutral
photo by jill banach

photo by jill banach

I tend to experience my emotions, both positive and negative, in extremes. I like to think it’s because I’m a passionate person, but regardless, it gets tiring! And I think many people can relate.

Lately I’ve been working on letting my emotions flow through me—acknowledging them as they emerge, but not getting too hung up on them. After all, this too shall pass—for the good and for the bad. At this point in my life I recognize that one event or emotion never lingers for too long anyway.

In a recent yoga class, the instructor calmly proclaimed, “You were okay when you came today. You’ll be okay when you leave. Just do what you feel. It doesn’t matter either way.”

You were okay when you came in today. You’ll be okay when you leave.

While this applied to yoga postures, it even more so applied to our lives.

There is so much that happens for each us in a single day—let alone throughout our lifetime; we cannot possibly manage such powerful emotions during each waking breath. This will only burn us out. So many times we look back and sigh, “That was not worth the stress.”

Bumps in the road are inevitable. But with the knowledge that these obstacles will emerge without a doubt, despite what we do to prevent them, we can pick and choose what we decide to react to. Most situations work themselves out anyway. Let’s make it easy for ourselves. Let’s allow things to run their course, roll off our backs, be taken in stride. This will save us in the long run. This will save us mentally, physically, and emotionally.

My running coaches always told us to utilize the wind. When it was at our backs: “Let it propel you forward. Let it help you.” When we were running against it: “Don’t fight it. It’s not worth wasting all of your effort.” Because come the next curve of the track, it’d be helping us once again.

Life is like that. We all endure loud, demanding times that require a lot of us, as well as quieter times that give us the chance to catch our breath. If we can minimize how intensely we react to either, we’ll develop the stamina to allow us to continue.

After all, it’ll all be okay. We’ll all be okay.

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