there are no "bad" foods

there are no "bad" foods
photo by jill banach

photo by jill banach

This is bad for me. I shouldn’t eat this.

Bad is such a harsh word. It’s so demanding and so definitive.

I have discovered that demonizing certain foods is a very twisted way of thinking. It can send your mind into spirals.

What if I’m somewhere that only has “bad” food?

Is my whole “healthy eating” kick over because I ate poorly today?

Okay, today, I’m only going to eat good foods.

This thought process, that countless of us are all too familiar with, can lead to extremes.
This sugary dessert will cause diabetes.

This fried food will block my arteries.

This process food will bombard my body with chemicals.

No, no, no.

Everything in moderation! There are certain times you don’t have much of a choice about what you will eat, and other times your body calls for something on the “Prohibited” list. And that’s the thing … this list may not be as helpful as you think. It can get out of control, and be the dominating force behind your thoughts and actions. Of course this is a radical outcome, but it can turn into this quicker than some may think.

As with every aspect of life, it’s a matter of adjusting your mindset and ensuring that you’re balanced, above all else. It’s easy to get carried away with the “healthiest” foods and to constantly strive to be the healthiest that you can.

But truthfully, it is not realistic for your standards to be perfection. And nor should we endeavor to live up to that ideal. We are human and we live very complex and dynamic lives. It’s about feeling good about yourself and doing the best you can with where you are.

We’ve seen American’s increasing interest in clean eating over the years, which is definitely a step in the right direction, but when we are drowned in new statistics and suggestions for how we can and should “improve” every day, it can become overwhelming. We hear about the dangers of certain diets. We are enlightened on advice for how to stay healthy. With this ever-changing information, it can seem like you’ll never get it right. That’s why I like to keep up-to-date, but I try not to allow the buzzing headlines to affect me too much. I’m not going to completely alter my diet because of one study. There’s still a lot of speculation in the nutrition field, so you can’t believe everything you hear.

And most importantly, trust yourself. You know what’s good for you—for not only your body, but also your mind and soul. And everyone is different. It’s about trial and error. But it’s also about moderation.

Sure, there are diets that could be improved to be more balanced and nutritious. But there are no “bad” foods.

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