transition time...again

transition time...again

At the beginning of the autumn season, I usually go through the same general cycle of feelings. I’ll miss summer, but I’m excited for the novelty of the new school year. I crave a routine, but do like having flexibility with how I choose to spend my time. Things tend to feel sporadic during these times, which makes me feel disorganized and out of sorts. It’s not uncommon to experience some instability during this time of year.

I’m working on accepting that transitions are inevitable, and a natural occurrence of life. What does “settled down” mean anyway? Let’s just say that you’ve reached a fairly static point in your life. Sure, maybe you’re not literally moving from place to place, but there is always some transition you’ll find yourself adapting to. Even if it’s as expected as introducing the new work-week on Monday morning, each one of our lives is ever-changing with new rotations.

Transitions can be draining–emotionally, physically, mentally. It’s as if you’re on a balancing beam that has been tipped to one side, you’re desperately fighting to reach steadiness.

But life is a series of balancing acts. A balance between work and play. Rest and activity. Obligation and leisure.

What happens when you go too many days without getting enough sleep? Do you decide to drop some items from your to-do list? Or let go of some of your responsibilities to hit the hay early one night? Maybe allow yourself to sleep in? Naturally, we thrive on harmonizing numerous aspects of our lives. As complex beings, we’re equipped with the tools and reasoning to manage shifts in our lives. Alterations, switches, and modifications of any kind are a very ordinary part of life. You were made for acclimating to them.

Telling yourself that you’ll be settled after you get to school, after you have adjusted to your new boss, after vacation ends, or whatever it is, can be helpful in calming your mind and reminding yourself that you won’t be unsteady forever. However, transitions are not going away anytime soon. It’s all part of a cycle. And as with any cycle, it will come back again.

We might as well invite transitions into our lives graciously, because life is all but a series of adjustments, one after another. Like the waves rolling in and out. Like the seasons. Like day turning to night.

While we cannot avoid change, we can learn to regulate ourselves in times of change. We can learn about ourselves to better understand what stabilizes us. Sometimes it’s a matter of allowing yourself to work through these periods while not getting too overwhelmed. It takes time.

Changes in our lives are what give us the chance to evolve, to grow better and better every day.

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