walk it out

One of the simplest and most fundamental aspects of our lives, yet we still don’t get enough of it. Walking! It’s so good for our mental and physical health.

Research has showed that even a brisk 20 minute walk has the potential of lowering our risk for heart disease. I think we can all rearrange our day to find just 20 minutes for a walk outside. Many Americans are guilty of spending too much time in front of a screen. Do you think you could rearrange your day to cut out on television, phone, or computer time and substitute that with a short walk around the neighborhood?

Be mindful about what you are doing. A lot of times we fall into our mundane routines and get it stuck in our heads that we are too busy to incorporate anything else into our days. But I think that exercising and spending time outside should be a priority for every day, and there are many other items on our To-Do list that can get pushed aside. Our health is the single most important thing. If we do not have health, we have nothing–so why do we choose to neglect it?

A nice walk is sometimes just the rejuvenation we need; being outside can make you feel happier and more prepared to tackle all that you need to accomplish that day. Nothing better than a walk first thing in the morning. And your dog won’t hate it either! Walks call for great bonding and conversation, too. Next time your friend asks to meet for coffee, opt to go on a walk instead.

There are various opportunities for walks to support a cause. Relay for Life is one example. Every Thanksgiving morning my family and I participate in The Turkey Trot, a run/walk held in our town to raise money for Alzheimer’s. It’s an event that we look forward to every year and we feel grateful to be able to help in any way that we can. Keep your eyes open for walks and runs held in your area!

Okay, so we’ve all heard stories and seen videos about a baby’s first step. It’s the quintessential “milestone” in a person’s life. But it seems like after that, steps get less and less important. Let’s be the exception to the trend. Walk it out!

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