why idolize stress?

why idolize stress?
photo by jill banach

photo by jill banach

“I won’t have time, I’m so busy!”

“Sorry I can’t, too busy!”

“I’m dreading this week. It’s gonna be so busy”

Words we’re all well acquainted with by now. We hear them all the time.

For some reason, people LOVE stress. It’s like they thrive in its presence. It’s what they rely on to live out their goals. And I’m not talking the stress that gives us the extra adrenaline boost we need to meet a deadline or finish a task.

I’m talking the big, ugly, self-destructive kind.

But WHY? Why do we crave stress? Why do we feel like we need it in our lives to make us feel productive?

Let me tell you, we don’t.

Cortisol, one of the hormones released with a rise in one’s stress level, is a major cause of weight gain. People wonder why they aren’t able to reach their ideal body weight despite their efforts to keep weight off. Well, cortisol could be the one to blame.

Not only that, but in high doses it is very dangerous to your body. Our bodies are only meant to handle stress in small doses. Stress is what activates the “fight or flight” response. It enables us to spring into action, whatever action that might be. But I’m talking about really dangerous circumstances.

Like a wild bear chasing you…

Not that you’re late for an appointment.

Now because of the world we live in, of course being late for an appointment may very well cause stress. But by reflecting on the cause of your stressors and keeping them in perspective, you may be better able to prioritize where this stress should be accepted. And where it shouldn’t be. It’s all in your mind; don’t invite in unwanted energy when you don’t need to.

Eliminate and reduce stress when you can. Don’t go looking for it.

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