mood board: empowered

mood board: empowered

I think a key aspect to a healthy lifestyle is acknowledging our moods and celebrating them. This mood board focuses on what I’m doing, feeling, & inspired by lately.

LISTENING TO // Oh Boy by Cam’Ron

Today, my friend Rachel showed me this song. Neither of us could figure out if we knew it from listening to it way back when or it simply sounded familiar because of its catchy beat. Either way, we listened to it 4 times on our way to the gym. No other song was played. It definitely got me in that light-hearted mood that I like to be in before exercising. To me, there’s nothing worse than dreading a workout. So today I got my energy up. I was super pumped to have the chance to get in a good quality workout; I focused on how happy I’d feel afterwards. On the way back, what did we listen to? The same song. This time, 5 times in a row instead of 4. 

WEARING // Garmin Watch

MY FAVORITE POSSESSION. Since it tracks your distance and pace, I have become sooo obsessed with saving my runs and looking at my progress. It’s so helpful because you can just step outside and start your run without having to know where you’re going. It’s made trail running that much easier and as I was training for my marathon this fall, it was truly an essential accessory. I wasn’t about to go on the Mapmyrun app and plan a route for 20 miles. I honestly don’t know how I ran without this baby before!

INSPIRED BY // Los Angeles

This is a picture of the Griffith Observatory from a trip to California this winter. When I look at it, I get such a jittery excited feeling in my stomach as I anticipate my trip there next month. There's just something about Cali that makes me feel creative and content - but more than that, I can’t help but feel thrilled by all of the opportunity that seems to just exist everywhere in LA.

An acai bowl with bananas, cocoa nibs, almond butter, soy milk, topped with granola and bananas. MMmmmmMMMM! Feels indulgent, but it’s loaded with nutrients! I got this at a fabulous cafe in Newton, MA. My favorite part about this picture is the amount of times I had to retake it. The sun was shining so brightly into the big windows that this cute lil’ cafe has - I couldn't see a thing. But it reminds me of how beautiful and sunny today was. I also love discovering comfy cozy places to enjoy a healthy dish.


Since I'm no longer a member, I was glad we were able to scheme a way into the Y using a random guest pass we found online. It seems it's getting harder and harder to scoot by that receptionist desk. But that's beside the point. For so long I’ve been frustrated with myself for not following through with the strength exercises that I told myself I'd do in addition to my runs. Today was FINALLY the day I broke through my funk and just did it. After my run (in which I enjoyed with my dog Ava), I headed straight to the gym, where I completed a 20 minute HIIT workout. Only 20 minutes!! I finished it off with a good stretch. Again, something I wasn’t doing as often as I wanted to. I hadn’t been to the Y in such a long time, so it felt new and different. It felt so wonderful to switch up my routine. I left feeling strong and happy (gotta love those endorphins!) and ready to listen to Oh Boy for the 10th time today.


What moods have you been feeling lately? Tell me in the comments below!

Stay peachy,
Mariah 🍑