a novel concept

I just finished reading the coolest, most enlightening, powerful book: The Secret, by Rhonda Byrne.

The foundation of the book is that our world is based on the law of attraction. Basically, our lives are a compilation of all that we have attracted. And we have attracted these things through our thoughts. The universe picks up signals that your thoughts are sending.

Essentially what your mind thinks, the universe delivers back to you. The author compares the universe to a catalog - and you can order whatever you’d like. The issue is that most people are placing orders without even realizing it (which can be easy to do if you don’t monitor your thoughts)! Pretty crazy stuff.

As an example, if you’re thinking “Everyone is SO RUDE,” that’s what we’re telling the universe you want to attract. And you will. You’ll continue to run into people who are rude to you until you change your thinking. "People are so friendly!" Voilà. Your wish is the universe’s command.
You attract every single aspect of your life. People, places, jobs, experiences.

Ya know those days that begin poorly and then you can’t seem to catch a break? That’s because your thoughts are sending out the frequency of “this is a horrible day.” And so it will be. But the days that you’re just dancing about and happy to be alive, bring on the opposite effect.

Just by listening to other people’s complaints for example, puts you in a position of thinking negative thoughts. In no time, the universe receives your request of attracting negative energy. Moral of the story—hang around people who choose to see the up side of things.

The really cool thing—probably the part of the book that shocked me the most—is that the universe supposedly does not quantify anything. Your dream job, for example, is just as easy to attract as a job you fear falling into. You may choose to settle on thoughts that certain jobs are impossible to attain, that you’re never going to live to see the day that you finally get the job of your dreams. In that case, your energy is instructing the universe to draw those very jobs to you. What you think about you bring about. Don’t think about a job you don’t want. And when you have a thought that you really wish to manifest, you must commit to it entirely.

The universe hears no tone of voice, sees no emotion. Your thoughts must reflect what you want in order to receive what you want. What we think is what we become. Incredible, right?

Stay peachy,
Mariah 🍑

Do any books come to mind that have changed your perspective big time? I wanna hear about them, comment below!