first day in LA

first day in LA

SO PUMPED TO BE BACK IN CALI!!! (And even more pumped to have gotten out of the middle seat on that plane!!) Between the 4:15 am alarm and the 3 hour time change, today consisted of a lot of napping, but I am so looking forward to being back on the west coast. Usually on vacation I feel the need to squeeze in as much activity as possible, but I'm glad I gave myself some time to catch a few z's until I was able to fully appreciate the city. (Plus it's hard to enjoy when you're exhausted.) 

When we did finally make it out of the house, my friend and I headed out into the sunny LA streets to catch an early dinner at The Stand. Despite being known as a hot dog joint, I had the BEST VEGGIE BURGER OF MY LIFE. Homemade with garlic mushrooms, grilled onions, lettuce, and tomato. I got it on a lettuce wrap - light but so flavorful. The diner-esque restaurant was playing some great mellow tunes (featuring a classic Red Hot Chili Peppers hit) as we sat in the porch of this old-timey spot.

The first day in a different place always feels exciting but it also can feel like you are rushing to get settled. A day to ease into our travels was definitely a good idea. We have lots on the itinerary! 

Follow me on my journey through Cali for the next couple of weeks! Our travels are starting in LA and will be heading north towards San Francisco. I'll be posting about my favorite food, cafes, museums, and outdoor adventures! Enjoy. 

Stay peachy,
Mariah 🍑