Kombucha by Day, Festivals by Night

Kombucha by Day, Festivals by Night

All about routines these days, people! Living with my friend Maclaine, another very routine-oriented person, has been so conducive to creating a healthy living environment (which has really made me feel on top of my game). It’s all about those small, day-to-day decisions that really affect how you live your life. Days go by quickly and the weeks even faster, so I think it’s important to reflect upon the things you are doing everyday.

I’ve been thinking: How are the things I’m doing helping me be the person I want to be?

Are these actions I’m taking consistent with my values? Do I feel good when I do these things? Are there parts of my lifestyle, even just little changes, I can make to feel more grounded? 


The inevitable parts of your day that can truly make or break how you feel. Here’s what I’ve been eating & drinking lately and how I’ve made them rituals and part of my routine.

Rise and shine!

After my run, I come home and pour myself a glass of water. I throw an apple cider vinegar shot in there and squeeze a lil’ lemon - why not? This gets the metabolism boosted. It also gives me a good jolt to start the day.

I’ve been making green smoothies at night in preparation for the morning. It saves a lot of time and energy thinking about what I will have the next morning and then making it in the rush before work. My favorite combination includes: dark leafy greens and avocado/banana/cauliflower (for a thick consistency) with cinnamon, cumin if I have it, and I shred some ginger to throw in there too. I always add protein powder (MRM Veggie Protein or Vega Protein), which helps me to stay full. The vanilla or chocolate flavor makes it take like a freaking milkshake! I mix some cereal (my favorite) or steel cut oats with the smoothie to better absorb the nutrients of the smoothie itself (nuts, seeds or anything that you chew will also work as something that allows the nutrients of the smoothie to be fully absorbed).

Saturday’s Farmer’s Market has become a ritual. There’s a guy who makes homemade granola who knows us by now (and we’ve only been here for 2 weeks so that’s an accomplishment). I love supporting local farmers’ markets rather than a corporate store. We come out of there with almost endless bags of delicious veggies.

Making it through mid-day...

Ideally I like to meal prep for the week so I have my lunches made. My lunches and dinners are usually some variation of giant salad/veggie bowl with some source of carbs (quinoa, rice, sweet potato) and protein (lentils, beans). I add humus and nutritional yeast (great source of Vitamin B12 which can be hard to get if you’re vegan). A nice big Buddha bowl is perfect for the workweek grind. Besides the staples on the grocery list, I try to switch up the veggies I buy for some nutritional variety. I think just switching up your groceries every 2 weeks or is a good practice so you can stay excited about the foods you bought. On the other hand, I know what foods work for me so there are some items I always make sure to have on-hand (nuts, protein powder, greens).

Snackin' on.

These days, shaved coconut, pumpkin seeds, nuts (macadamia, almonds, Brazil, cashews, pistachios), sesame sticks, and apple with nut butter have been my go-to snacks. After dinner, a delicious bowl of granola (from granola boy of course), a couple pieces of dark chocolate, some coconut shavings and a nut butter or some seeds does the trick.

Kombucha is my newest obsession (the 21+ versions have been a hit). Gingerberry rocks. And Euphoria (made of Cayenne) feels like it could start a fire in your throat but if you’re fine with spice, that’s a really good cleansing one.

Call me lame but I’ve been loving having dinner super early and then a snack later on. Cue granola and a little piece of chocolate (Honey Mama’s is goooood), coconut shavings, and some nuts or nut butter.


Early to bed, early to rise has been the name of the game. The 6:20 am alarm isn’t bad when you’re disciplined about getting enough sleep. I’ve been starting my weekdays the same way everyday. Before we have time to think, Maclaine and I are running down our hill, beginning our morning run. I’m a huge fan on Ultima Electrolyte Powder for after long runs. It has 0 grams of sugar or artificial flavoring and provides me with the electrolytes I need to replenish my stores.

On my way to work the other day, I was listening to a Rich Roll podcast “How to Achieve Peak Performance – And Sustain It.” Among other important topics, Rich discusses the importance of routines. Once you establish one, you begin to associate each part of your routine with what you’re about to do. For example, the alarm everyday is now just a signal to me that I’m about to get out and run right away. It’s become less thinking, more doing. Just doing it. And once we get back from our run, we turn the coffee maker (that makes far too little coffee). Aaand cue the beginning of the workday. It feels organized, feels together, and feels good.

Even when I’m having a rough day or things aren’t going great, I have these little parts of my routine that I can grasp onto. At least I can count on enjoying that cup of coffee in the early morning (the french vanilla coffee creamer makes it so delicious). I then go out the door with our smoothies in hand. By the time I start my walk to the Bart station, I feel so pumped for what the day has in store. Maclaine and I call these mornings our “Power Mornings.” These are the ones when we run, have everything in order, have our lunches packed and feel like our brains are ready for the day. A good outfit fits somewhere in this Power Morning too.

Even when I’m having a rough day or things aren’t going great, I have these little parts of my routine that I can grasp onto.

For some fun in my routine, this weekend I went to North Beach Festival. It was super cool to explore the area of Little Italy and I met some really interesting people. My summer here in California is a great opportunity to get a feel for this area. I’ve been gathering perspectives from as many locals as I can. I love hearing about the differences between this coast and the east coast.

Tonight, I am going to the Best of San Francisco Party. So so excited. Over 2,000 guests will be there and the best that the bay has to offer, including food, drinks and  music. I will post pictures soon after! Be sure to follow @mariahboisvert on Insta for those! It should be a glamorous time.


“Our” playlist that Maclaine banned me from adding songs to. Whatever. I still listen. Titled “Stay Woak” (as in Oakland, CA).

Stay peachy,
Mariah 🍑