malibu barbie

malibu barbie

Ahh, strep throat on vacation! What could be better? Man I sure do feel like Malibu Barbie. While I wasn't thrilled to have to search for a random urgent care on the third day of being in California, it made for a pretty funny story. When I walked in, I was greeted by silence. "I'm sick?" I croaked. Without much of a response, I was handed a medical form. In Spanish. Was this some sort of test of what I learned in one semester of Spanish? After stumbling my way through half of it, I realized that chances were there was an English version. Ah ha.

I could go through twenty more strange happenstances in my half hour visit, but this outing is definitely funnier now than it was at the time. After being cooped up for a few days with strep throat, I needed some sunshine. I needed to convince myself I was well enough to function normally. To Malibu we went!

We hopped in the car and all the sudden it was like a movie scene. We found ourselves driving along winding, narrow roads through the mountains on the famous Pacific Coast Highway. Soon we were completely surrounded by mountain ranges. I felt like I could drive with this view forever. We pulled over and took a few minutes to gaze out at the world. As we drove onward, the Pacific ocean was added to our view. This is enough to make you forget you're not feeling well (and makes you realize how small you are compared to what else is out there).

When we arrived in the center of Malibu, we were enamored with the pastel houses lining the hills. A massive American Apparel caught our eye - a beach front store with a second story outdoor deck decorated in colorful flowers just couldn't be overlooked. Better yet, there were some massive sales.

We walked along the streets, exploring the area a bit, and found ourselves at non other than the Malibu Farm on the pier. What I love about the pier is that although it's a  tourist spot, locals love it there just the same. I mean, how couldn't they? What other boardwalk has freshly squeezed juices galore, farmhouse restaurants with chic and homey decor (plus just as tasteful outdoor seating) and the motto "fresh, organic, local"? I loved my kale smoothie, despite it being (ridiculously) overpriced. Oh well. When in Malibu, right?

After some time on the pier, we went down to the beach, where the sand was soft and the water was refreshing. To end the day, we had the grand idea to leave right during rush hour traffic. Not our smartest move, but not much to complain about when your gazing at mountains and ocean the entire drive home. 

No wonder Malibu Barbie likes it here.

Stay peachy,
Mariah 🍑

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