people vs. places

people vs. places

I’m a people person, no doubt about it. When I have the option to go somewhere with someone I love to spend time with - no matter where it is, I’m there. I base my plans on the people in my life. I’ll get coffee at any cafe when I’m meeting a friend. I don’t mind which mountain we choose to hike. Pick a city, any city. I’m always impressed when people decide on a place to go and make it happen before they know who will come with them (if anyone at all). Neither way is right or wrong, just interesting. It’s so fun to look at what makes people tick. 

This weekend I was lucky to go not only hang out with great people, but also in cool places. My cousin goes to school in Western Mass too, so her family and I went up to visit. Seeing more of Western Mass is always a treat (gotta love those mountain views). We spent the day at FreshGrass Music Festival, which is known for its bluegrass music. I don’t know much bluegrass but I’m so glad I got exposed to it. 

Afterwards we hit up the MASS MoCa which was SO crazy cool. It was funny watching my cousin Lexi’s frustration as she struggled to understand the importance of most exhibits (“I hate contemporary art.”). The museum definitely played with your senses and made you question a lot. My favorite part about it was how every room was lit up in a different color. And the walls & floors had such interesting designs and colors. I loved that. 

After a dinner in town, we revisited the music festival. We ended the night listening to the music  on the grass under the stars. It was a beautiful night for an outdoor concert with people you have so much fun with. Yeah, I’m definitely a people person. But it is always nice when you can be in an awesome place with people you love, can’t get much better than that. 

What about you - people or places?

Stay peachy,
Mariah 🍑