sage organic vegan bistro

sage organic vegan bistro

An all vegan restaurant!! From the second I walked through the arched entryway of Sage, (which was covered in beautiful blooming flowers) and entered the outdoor eating area, I was in love with this place! It’s all organic, plant-based, and locally farm sourced. 

I was shocked at the extensive menu, so I even checked with the waiter: Are you sure it’s all vegan? “Yes, ma’am. Everything is vegan.” 


What I connected to most about this restaurant was their genuine commitment to broadening eaters’ perspectives about the food going into their bodies—learning where it comes from and how it affects the rest of the world. Because it really does!

I ordered the Bowl of Soul - roasted sweet potato, black beans, quinoa, grilled corn, sauteed kale, gluten free biscuit, horseradish and a gluten free mac and cheese ball topped with wing sauce and pickled jalapeño cabbage.

My friend Rachel had Sage's Falafel Bowl - basmati rice and quinoa bowl with falafel, cucumber, roma tomato, avocado, oranges, and topped with fresh cilantro with tzatziki and mango aioli.

Honestly, I voted Sage as the top vegan place I’ve been to before the food even came. But I’ve only been here for two days so I should probably wait on that title!

Stay peachy,
Mariah 🍑