Socially Infused

Socially Infused

“Can you AirDrop me the Instas you VSCO’d so I can post them on Pinterest?”

This is a real sentence Rachel said to me today.
Like, what? What does that even mean?

As we continued to work on the blog, I had the realization that we had an entire conversation chock-full of completely made up words.

This was more than slang. This was all social media talk and it was hilarious.

Enjoy this silly lil list of social-infused phrases we said today.

  1. Make sure you add a sticker and Geotag to that Snap Story.
  2. SquareCash isn’t working, I’ll just Venmo you.
  3. Throw a VSCO filter on that bad boy - C1 or A5?
  4. I just Googled it - it says to swipe right to go Live on Insta.
  5. Can you share the Doc with me?
  6. The feed is looking so good.
  7. Did my reply comment post twice? 
  8. I just Pinned a bunch of dope stuff.
  9. That selfie got so many reblogs.
  10. Wow I haven’t checked Timeline Review in forever.
  11. Did you subscribe to that vlog channel?
  12. That Tweet got no faves because Twitter is dead.
  13. Make sure you tag me before you share the Insta.
  14. I gotta update my phone, the new emojis are just question marks.
  15. The link won’t work. Can you screenshot the app?
  16. It’s not busy enough, it’ll mess up the flow.
  17. Good pic, but the rotation looks weird. 
  18. Do a full pic, not square.
  19. I liked so many that Insta blocked me.
  20. Make sure you upload the full-res to the Drive.
  21. I'm following her, but I didn't friend her yet.
  22. Just got a notification that he wowed the gif link.
  23. Will you save and refresh it so I can see it?
  24. That's such good clickbait.

Yes, this is ridiculous. But it's also kinda cool that we're evolving to the point that we can use branded words and phrases across language barriers. (Maybe social media is social after all).

Stay peachy,
Mariah 🍑