venice canals

venice canals

We went to Venice in LA today to see the Italy-inspired canals. They were fascinating and breathtakingly beautiful, but I was overwhelmed with tranquility more than anything. 

I was fascinated by how quiet it was there. There were lots of people, but everyone seemed to be in their own place, in their own mind. I liked watching the different dynamics of the groups visiting - from locals to tourists, from bikers to walkers, from friends to family. 

Colorful and architecturally intricate homes lined the sides of the canal. The vibrant colors and diversity of each one made the whole scene pop. I could sense a distinct personality in each home, yet they all shared their cool and confident auras, if that makes any sense. They've definitely been around the block.

There is something so magical about one place that brings strangers together to appreciate a gorgeous sight. Meditating on the bridge overlooking a canal with a soft breeze and bright sunshine was a gift I gave to myself today.

Stay peachy,
Mariah 🍑